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Paper Reinforced Tape


Intertape® 260 Natural Reinforced Tape - 2 1/2" x 450'

For printed tapes, please contact mcatlett@sigmasupply.com for artwork requirements and minimum runs. 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #K7449

Intertape® 240 Reinforced Water-Activated Tape

Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads. Recommended using on light weight cartons up to 30 pounds. 3-way fiberglass reinforced carton sealing tape, manufactured with water activated adhesive.
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Intertape® Venom™ Reinforced Tape -70mm x 450', Natural

Natural Kraft, reinforced, light duty, economy grade, water-activated carton sealing tape, manufactured with a starch based adhesive. VENOM has fiberglass reinforcement in the machine direction and polyester reinforcement in the cross direction. Recommend using on average cartons up to 20 pounds.  10/cs
Manufacturers Item #K9001