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Manufacturers Item #LVSHWTAPER

Better Pack® 333 Plus Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

Built to last and is engineered to provide many years of consistent, reliable performance. Dispenses up to 30" in a single handle stroke. Unlimited length with repeated handle strokes. Multiple preset lengths on clearly marked dial.  ea
Manufacturers Item #BP333PLUS

Better Pack® Electric 555eS Tape Dispenser

Fast tape output of 45" per second and user-friendly, color-coded keypad with 14 preset buttons. Electrical: 115v; Tape length: 6" - 45". Gum in.  ea
Manufacturers Item #BP555ES

Tach-It® 6125 Tape Dispenser

Can cut filament, kapton, acetate, glass cloth, double sided and most other types of tape up to 2" wide. 8" L x 5" W x 5" H, weighs 7 lbs. Maximum width of product 2", maximum diameter of roll 14". Power of 110 volt.  EA
Manufacturers Item #6125