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Machine Stretch Wrap


XR High Performance Cast Machine Film

One-sided cling.
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Alpha Series A1 Super Stretch - 20", .70 Gauge

This film roll is actually 5000' in length.  20" x 70ga x 5000', 40rl/plt. ea
Manufacturers Item #A1-2070

Advantage Ultimate Machine Stretch Film

For the ultimate in load retention, one-sided cling, puncture resistance, clarity and optics. Pre-stretch levels of up to 300%, provides for maximum film utilization. Promotes a more professional package image and enhances bar code identification. Environmental Source Reduction (ESR). A high performance film that helps reduce the amount of material that enters the solid waste stream, conserving resources.
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Inteplast AmTOPP LoadStar™ Engineered Films

Engineered machine film offering the utmost performance at light gauge. Renders the extra strength and stretch needed for any high-speed, fully automated stretch wrapping equipment. Unsurpassed pre-stretch levels. Premium 9-layer structure. Excellent down-gauge film. Superior load holding force. Aggressive differential cling with superior inside and minimal outside cling. Outstanding puncture and tear resistance. Clear optics. Quiet unwind. High tensile strength. Excellent clarity allows bar-code scanning at any stage in any automatic handling system.
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Inteplast ET/HT Tinted Machine Film - 20" x 5000', Blue

Tinted general purpose films. Film thickness: 80 gauge.  ea
Manufacturers Item #ETL0802005000AM-40

Inteplast AmTOPP X-TREME™ Stretch Wrap - 30" x 5000', 63 Ga.

Actually 25 rolls/pallet ea
Manufacturers Item #EHB0633005000AM-40

Intertape® StretchFlex® I Machine Grade Stretch Film - 20.3 mic, 20 x 5000

Excellent load retention lets you wrap your load with less film and feel confident your product will arrive safely. Exceptional puncture resistance ensures you can wrap irregular loads while retaining the highest prestretch. Metallocene resins offer maximum performance and strength. Higher applied prestretch (to 250% with no "film breaks") provides you with economy and superior quality. With elevated tear resistance, your product will withstand the rigors of shipping. Optimum balance of film properties makes StretchFlex® the "best value" for the majority of stretch film applications. Separate cling layers providing "Quiet Unwind", eliminating the distracting noise many other films generate, and permitting a secure wipe down.  ea
Manufacturers Item #H12032000-V5

Sigma Stretch® Magnum 300 Cast Machine Film-20"x4500'x1.00

Cast, co-extruded from high technology resins. Provides optimum load retention when pre-stretched from 250% to 300%. Superior strength and stretch characteristics means minium film usage and maximum load holding force. High performance, excellent for down gauged or higher stretch applications.  ea
Manufacturers Item #MFC2045100

Western Plastics Identi Film - 20" x 5000', Yellow

Film is actually Yellow 20" x 4500' x 100ga ea
Manufacturers Item #YMG20

Paragon Ultimate Force Stretch Film -20"x7250', 16 Mic,63 Ga

The latest in a long line of high performance films. Combining years of manufacturing experience, advanced extrusion technology and blending of high grade resin. Paragon, once again leads the industry with a new innovative product. Ultimate Force derives its performance from proprietary blending and layering of the highest quality resins available. With stretch levels in excess of 300% and puncture resistance never before seen in thin gauge films, Ultimate Force creates a worry free package. Although it excels in fully automated systems, Ultimate Force also delivers the perfect load containment for any application. As with most Paragon products, Ultimate Force is backed by a performance guarantee of 100% satisfaction. It is wound with the cling side in and has a marked core to ensure consistency in loading the roll. One-sided cling.  ea
Manufacturers Item #U3160500

Western Plastics HYBRiD80 Pallet Wrap - 20" x 5000', Black

16 micron high performance machine grade pallet wrap.  ea
Manufacturers Item #HYB26

Paragon Edge 3 Machine Grade Film - 50 Gauge, 30" x 9000'

Over 250% Yield Machine Grade Film, "One Side Cling". Five distinct layers, high stretch-250% plus superior load retention, excellent puncture resistance, single side cling-use, high clarity.  ea
Manufacturers Item #E305030N

Sigma Stretch® Select Cast Machine Film

Available in various sizes. Versatile, clear, quiet, tough film for A, B and C loads.
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Sigma Stretch® Summit Cast Film

High-performance one-sided cling cast machine film. Engineered for high-speed applications. Can be used in a variety of wrapping applications including A, B, and C loads. One-sided cling allows side-by-side storage without pallet-to-pallet adhesion, preventing pallets from adhering together during storage and transportation. 100% recyclable.
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Paragon Nexus® Machine Film-50cmx10000', 11.5 mic, 45.3 Ga

Exceptional load containment and stability. Patented technology = incomparable holding force. Lowest cost per pallet. Next level industry performance. One-sided cling eliminates tails/recoil. Highest clarity film. Fewer roll changes promotes sustainability. Less plastic used. Exceptional consistency of film. Up to 300% pre stretch.  ea
Manufacturers Item #NX115500