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Hand Stretch Wrap


Millennium Wrap Plus™ Hand Wrap Stretch Film -16" x 1476'

Strong, light weight, dependable. 43 gauge.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #22612

Industrial Foam Grip Stretch Film Dispenser

Manufacturers Item #11383

Bundling Film w/Blue Handle - 5' x 120ga x 650'

Manufacturers Item #GOODFILM5120

Wrap Tite Shield Wrap® Cast Narrow Banding/Bundling Film - 3" x 600' x 120

Quiet unwinding stiff and strong cast film. Superior load holding strength. Self-clinging without residue. Low cost alternative to tape, twine and strapping. Free plastic dispenser with each case. 3" core diameter.  18/cs
Manufacturers Item #CNW312B

Inteplast AmTOPP Tackmaster™ Premium Wrap-12"x2000',60 Ga

A premium hand wrap with unmatched puncture and a superior cling package. This film is designed to meet every application in any environment. The aggressive cling package will provide superior holding force for even the toughest loads. Exceptional tear resistance, great optical clarity and optimal load containment value.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #HBB0601220

Inteplast AmTOPP "HS" Series Hand Film - 16" x 1500', 63 Ga.

A truly unique hand film that combines reduced neck down performance while maintaining excellent puncture resistance and yield. Outstanding strength in the transverse direction. Uniform gauge profile. Great optical clarity for electronic scanning. Reduced unwind noise. Ideally suited for difficult loads. ISO 9001:2000 Certified.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #HSB0631601500AM-64

Superwrap® Handwrap

Available in various sizes and gauges. Superwrap® Handwrap. Cast hand held stretch.
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Extended Core Disposable Handwrap -20" x 1000', 80 Ga

Extended 4" on each end, 1.5" OD core.  ea
Manufacturers Item #SW-2080-50

XB Super Micron Blown Handwrap - 18" W, 51 Ga.

A combination of load containment, toughness, puncture, stiffness and cling.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #XB-45713

Berry WinWrap™ Stretch Film - 16" x 2000'

Pre-stretched handwrap. 132 rolls/skid.  ea
Manufacturers Item #W-16-FLEXTC

Inteplast Pre-Stretch Film - 15" x 1968', 30 Ga.

126 rolls per skid, Bulk.  126/cs
Manufacturers Item #PSB0301501968-126

Sigma Stretch® Sigma Pre-Stretched Hand Film - 15.5" x 2000', 29 gauge

Aggressive cling, reinforced edges, soft wind, light weight and higher load compression. A cross oriented film. Ideal for cold, dusty applications. Eliminate roll waste due to edge damage. Reduce operator fatigue, easy to wrap. Eco-friendly source reduction.  ea
Manufacturers Item #HPS1620MB

Paragon Torque® Hand Film - 15" x 1500'

Half the film and half the effort, Twice the Force. Gauge: 28.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #ST11515

Inteplast AmTOPP LoadStar™ HL Series Thin Gauge Hand Film

An engineered film offering the uttermost performance at light gauge. Provides the highest load holding force possible without puncturing. Exceptional puncture, superior cling and quiet unwind make it easy to work with, while the excellent clarity allows bar-code scanning capability at every stage in an automated handling environment. ISO 9001:2000 Certified.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #HLP115450450AM-64

Paragon Global Handwrap - 17 mic, 40.5 cm x 457 m

Global I Superior Performance Metric Handwrap. Cast manufacturing process, excellent puncture resistance, superior load retention, high clarity.  ea
Manufacturers Item #G117405

Western Plastics Color Tinted Handwrap - 18", Green

Available in red, blue and green. Handwrap on extended core handles. 80 Gauge.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #PGSF18

Sigma Stretch® World Wrap Cast Hand Film -16x1500, .65 mil

48cs/pallet ea
Manufacturers Item #HCC161565

Inteplast AmTOPP LoadStar™ Prestretched Hand Film

Unsurpassed puncture strength. Unrivaled load-holding energy. Superior cling. Unchallenged neck-down. Excellent clarity. Proprietary quiet release. Ergonomically designed. Environmentally friendly. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.  ea
Manufacturers Item #PSB0301501968AM-126P

Western Plastics Identi Film Hand Pallet Wrap

Extended core handles. Tinted film.
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Western Plastics HYBRiD80 Pallet Wrap - 18" x 1500', Blue

16 micron stiff formula micron pallet wrap.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #HYB21

Inteplast Pre-Stretch Hand Film - 15" x 1476', 30 Ga.

Manufacturers Item #PSB0301501476-36

Western Plastics Securi Wrap True Opaque Stretch Film

Available in various sizes. White handwrap on 3" core. 80 ga.
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Paragon Torque® Hand Film - 14.78" x 1500'

Half the film and half the effort, Twice the Force. Designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive handfilm for maximum unitization, Torque's ultra thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing. Patented technology yields extreme holding force. Exceptional consistent film performance. Highest clarity for proper identification/barcoding. Film tensilizes faster, tensilization lasts longer. More pallets wrapped with maximum containment.  ea
Manufacturers Item #ST801615

Sigma Stretch® Black Blown Hand Film - 18" x 1500'

Available in various sizes.  ea
Manufacturers Item #HAA181580

Sigma Stretch® Classic Blown Hand Film

Available in various sizes. Broad range high stretch, excellent cling, superior holding and puncture resistance film.
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Sigma Stretch® ecoSupreme Film

Sigma's EcoSupreme family of pre-stretched hand films lead the industry in overall performance and has been widely accepted as the premium film in this category. Our engineered blown master rolls, combined with a proprietary conversion process is simply the best way to manufacture than, pre-stretched films. This innovative engineering creates Dynamic Tension within the film, causing it to contract after applying to increase containment and get more products to their destination in as - made condition. This, yet strong. Ideal solution for handwrapping applications.
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Sigma Stretch® Supreme Hand Film

A premium grade film made with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner gauges. Rolls are light-weight and easy to use which minimizes wrapper fatigue even for persons-of-small-stature. Supreme offers low case prices and on-the-load cost. Less film per load also equals less stress on the environment.
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Western Plastics EZ Bander Stretch Banding Film

Available in 2" to 5" widths in 80 to 150 gauge sizes. Replaces old fashioned techniques of stabilization like strapping, taping & string at a lower cost. Eliminates expensive wrapping & strapping machines. Holds packages together, protects from dirt & moisture.
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